Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer 2018 tips and tricks

We will help you become the best player with Dream League Soccer 2018 tip and tips to improve your game and unlock all the sharks!

Dream League Soccer 2018 free coins hack allows you to build your ultimate dream team by recruiting licensed FIFPro ™ players and youth training. You can also create and update your stadium in addition to creating your own team from scratch. The game also allows you to choose your own tactics and formations. You will have complete control over your players in the field.

1 - Master the controls

One of the most important thing in the Dream League Soccer 18, as in any other football simulation game out there is to master the controls and be able to take a good pass, a good cross or a good shot.

2 - Use the B button more often than the A button When Defend

When your players defend, pressing the B button allows a player to put pressure on the ball, while now button A makes him perform a slipped tackle.

3 - Play matches online

The best way to really learn to play is to play against other players. You can play against friends if they are near or against random opponents. you will really learn to play and especially learn some movements of your opponents. 
4 - Choose a camera type to get a better view of the field

The camera plays a key role in providing the best view in the field and in a way can help you manage and control your players better. 
5 - The transfer market

Try not to sell one of your players for a while - keep a big team to be able to trade players who are getting tired, but at the same time, sign of better quality and Dream League Soccer 18 hack tool better players for your team. Only watch the statistics of the players, and never their name!

6 - Develop your players


Once you have a pretty solid set up of players, go to the Player Development section and begin their training, improving their stats. One session costs 50 coins.

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